Message from the New MDSJ President

November 1, 2011

I am very honored to take over from Dr. Sadako Kuno as the new President of MDSJ. I would like to thank her for all her work, and thank you all for your support. MDSJ began in 2001, and this year is our 10th anniversary; thanks to the efforts of past officers and executive committee members, MDSJ has grown considerably to about 700 members. The mainstay of our activities has been our congresses and the number of attendees has also been growing – the 5th Congress held in Tokyo was a huge success with 664 participants. We are also planning to expand our other activities, and we are holding our first educational workshop in January 2012.

With the increasing number of members, has come an increasing need for more organizational administration. To meet this demand the board will establish four committees during this term to work on our administration. One of the committees, the Bylaw Revision Committee will work on revising bylaws to meet the aims of the new administration plan, as well as considering the shape of the future MDSJ. The Treasury Committee, under the treasurer, will meet the growing need for financial management accompanying our organizational growth by carrying out property management, including cash management and book management, under the supervision of a tax accountant. The Education Committee, newly created to focus on our educational side, will work to actively support local educational events related to movement disorders. Finally, the Publications Committee will be working on public relations activities for MDSJ operations, along with managing the MDSJ website, with the aim of increasing the number of members. Under a new editor, we will carry on publishing our existing news magazine MDSJ Letters to continue serving as a means for sharing information among members and people in related fields.

In keeping with the globalization of society, internationalization is also required of MDSJ, and it is essential for us to keep developing close relationships with MDS and related organizations. My aim within the next two years is to define our international position, and make efforts to play our part within the community, and in this context, it is important that MDSJ should not remain merely as a group of experts. Since medical care involves patients and healthcare professionals, the results of our activities should also benefit the patients. I intend to reconsider the aims of MDSJ from this fundamental standpoint, and to continue with our activities so that our role will become fully recognized in society. I very much look forward to working with you all, and whether you are a MDSJ member or not, your support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Fumihito Yoshii,
MDSJ President

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